Start for Windows 8!
Give Windows 8 a real fully featured start menu and start button, behaving exactly like the ones in Windows 7!
Make your Windows 8 PC usable!
No need to lug that computer around. Our Remote Service can quickly repair problems on your PC Online! You don't even need to be at home!

Amazing Gadgets

Check out these amazing products that can assist you and your loved ones.

Our Gadgets make your day to day life easier and safer!

Many of our Gadgets are only availble through us!

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PC Package Deals

  • Entry Level
  • Business/Home
  • Workstation
  • Power User

Within 3 - 4 clicks we can suggest a PC that will fit your requirements and lifestyle. Whether it be small, quiet, server, based or power crazy, we can build them all!

With Three Year Warranty And Free Tune-ups

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Parts & Accessories


Specials Galore! New devices to enhance your PC's Performance.

Buy now from our Parts & Accessories Page and Save Big!

From printer toner to PC security products...

Priority 1 carries it all!

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